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Tutto and Baba G have staff, equipment and ingredients available to us right now. Because of COVID, we only have work available for some staff members, our vehicles are standing idle (they can and should be used), and we have good relationships with suppliers who can get us ingredients.

Our vehicles are capable of transporting raw ingredients, cooked foods, equipment and so much more to places where meals need to be cooked. 

We support a Hilbrow based charity called MES that has shelters, soup kitchens and is currently working with a few local chefs on the ground to distribute cooked meals to hungry mouths. Click here to read more about them... You can also donate directly to them on their website

We need to try cover running costs of our vehicles even if they are used for charity, so all funds raised through our online store will go towards transporting food related goods for charitable causes.

We need to cover bank charges too (if any) and transactional costs (payfast and shopify costs including VAT). Because of this, EFT payments are preferred but will not be the only method of payment accepted. Based on our calculations we estimate that payments will incur 10% transactional costs, so a donation of R100 will mean R90 actually reaches the destination.

On a monthly basis we will be able transparently show how many of these charity items have been donated, we will then prove transfers to MES and if necessary to other charities too, and finally we will verify with the charity that they have received funds in the form of a receipt.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Photo by Andrew Lancaster on Unsplash